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Your time is very important for your preprations so don't waste your time for deciding package to buy for online test series. We are providing TestHill Pass one for all exams.


** Exam Time Offers **

Monthly Pass Save 34 %

14999 for 30 days

  • Get Unlimted Test For One Month
  • Access Test In App Too
  • Free SMS / Email Alerts
4 Month Pass Save 75 %

599149 for 4 months

  • Get Unlimted Test For 4 Months
  • Access Test In App Too
  • Free SMS / Email Alerts
6 Month Pass Save 78 %

899199 for 6 months

  • Get Unlimted Test For Six Months
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Yearly Pass Save 83 %

1799299 for 12 months

  • Get Unlimted Test For One Year
  • Access Test In App Too
  • Free SMS / Email Alerts

* Offer Valid for limited time only!

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Exams Covered

Why take TestHill Pass?

Unlimited Test

You get access to all test of all exams which are covered currently and which would be covered in future.

Video Solutions

We provide video solutions for all live tests available with us.


You can compare your preprations with thousands of other students who are also preparing for the same exam.

SMS/Email Alerts

We provide free SMS and Email alerts directly into your mobile inbox , everything is for free.

Mobile App

You can also attempt our online mock test directly through our mobile app , which can be downloaded from play store.

Customer service

If you still have any query or difficulty accesing the free mock tests then we wre here to help you anytime 24 x 7 x 365 .

Frequently Asked Questions

TestHill Pass is special plan for students in which they can practice test for all exams by activating the single plan.

You can attempt/take all test for all exams which are available on our website and which are going to available in future.

Yes, you can renew your pass anytime before/after your current pack is expired !

It depends on the validity of pass which you have purchased for example if you buy one month pass then your pass will expire in 30 days after the activation of plan..

You will get refund only if you cancel your plan within 48 hours of activation and without any test attempted. For any query contact us

Normally, you can attempt a test 3 times.

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